GoMunshi: Strategically Ladders-up Business Revenues through Technological Integration & Personalization

Ankush Jain,Co-Founder
Ankush Jain, Co-Founder

Accounting as a powerful financial management system dates back to millenniums while double-entry bookkeeping emerged as a breakthrough concept in the medieval period. This revolutionary conceptualization for financial integers gifted the economy commercial development, financial stability and empowered businesses to focus more on core work than shuffling with numbers. Updated accounting books catapults positive business decisions and helping businesses accelerate their revenue graphs is New Delhi-based GoMunshi, one-of-its-kind online platform providing bookkeeping, tax compliances and secretarial compliances to SMEs, startups, individuals and freelancers.

The brainchild of Ankush Jain (Co-Founder), founded in 2018, GoMunshi integrates technological advancements and humane touch to create an optimal online bookkeeping experience for its customers. Today, GoMunshi has created a benchmark in the accounting industry with its stellar servicing model, expert knowledge, low-cost services, professionalism and personalization. “Because you need more than just a software to manage your back office, GoMunshi gives an experienced Chartered Accountant to do your
bookkeeping and compliance work. You will have a real accountant whom you can call or message anytime, anywhere,” asserts Ankush.

"Because you need more than just a software to manage your back office, GoMunshi gives an experienced Chartered Accountant to do your bookkeeping and compliance work"

Where Technology Accounts Integers
Following a strategic methodology for improved and advanced servicing, GoMunshi spans its services in multiple segments, right from Bookkeeping (monthly updated financial books) and Compliance Services (simplifying compliance process via user-friendly, and accessible filing options) to GST Invoicing, Reports & Graphs (tracking financial performance with interactive dashboard) and Detailed Transactions (allowing expenditure analysis and transactional tracking). Unlike bogus sources pinning hole in customer’s pockets, GoMunshi’s flat pricing model builds customer’s trust and allows them to choose from a variety of plans depending on annual expenditure (The Startup, The Essentials, The Growing Trunk and Tailor-Made).

Adept in delivering absolute customer satisfaction, GoMunshi’s in-house maestros excels in addressing user quandaries with utmost professionalism, cost-oriented approach and tech-enhanced solutions, hence bridging resources-technology gap with expert solutions and value-oriented quotations. Ankush adds, “We offer our users expert knowledge of professionals to
manage their back office at low-cost price through technology”. While all the work is done in-house with client’s permission for data access, user data is protected with strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, the same level of encryption used for online banking & online shopping.

Professionalism –Just a Click Away
Within a shorter time-span, GoMunshi has fruitfully flourished across the industry and delivered excellent services to reputed clients including Devnco Technologies, Crust Accessories and Shepherd Stories, to name a few. Additionally, the company has collaborated with OrigamiNext (a startup accelerator) to help companies fly off the ground or pivot through seed investments, deep mentor engagement and rapid iteration cycles; it has also partnered with several corporates to help them file their employees’ ITR.

Envisioning recording revenues in profitable integers, GoMunshi is strategically catering to newer client base and planning to span its services and technology globally. Along with plans in pipeline for GoMunshi’s new version 2.0 launch for improved user experience, the company is all set to launch its mobile app (Android & iOS) for easy access of GoMunshi platform. “Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain are the next big thing on the block which is going to have a big impact on the practice of accountancy and needs to be fast incorporated in the profession’s toolbox. We have already started working on the same and plan to bring the technology by 2019,” concludes Ankush.