Ijeeva Software Solutions: Building Strong Economic Infrastructure For Modern Businesses

Vasuki Raghavendrarao, Founder & CEO, Pradeep Jalisatgi, Co-Founder & CTO

Vasuki Raghavendrarao, Founder & CEO

Pradeep Jalisatgi, Co-Founder & CTO

At present, the entire financial sector is witnessing digital infusion at an unprecedented speed. From payments to loan disbursement, everything took the digital route. With a wider reach and ease of life, digital financial services have indeed helped to tap the true potential of existing banking & financial infrastructure. It has drastically improved the quality of service with new products and services enabled by technology. By leveraging the potential of such technology, iJeeva was launched to build economic infrastructure for modern businesses and change the landscape of payment across the world. What began to make money transfer simple in the US, has now revolutionized the way businesses pay and get paid. Today they are empowering both merchants & customers by providing enterprise-level financial tools and negotiating power to the small businesses.

“iJeeva Software Solutions is a pioneer in building digital banking and fintech solutions designed to simplify the process of storing and moving money. We believe every company can adopt Fintech and we will realize this vision with our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach”, says the Director, Vasuki Raghavendrarao, iJeeva Software Solutions.

Promising Remarkable Solutions
iJeeva Software Solutions specializes in designing, developing, and managing digital banking & payment systems on behalf
of banks and FinTechs around the world.

Currently, the company offers a variety of solutions to forward-thinking financial institutions and startups. This includes software licensing, custom software development, and managed services. The technology offerings by iJeeva touch every aspect of the transaction lifecycle including Digital Account and Card Issuing, KYC and Compliance, Transaction Authorization and Settlement (ACH, Wire, Check, Card), and API development and management. “We present a hybrid solution based on the Platform-as-a- Service model. This gives our clients the ability to license a full-functioning framework that can be customized or extended to meet specific market needs and regulatory requirements. In addition to traditional solutions, we have recently added blockchain and cryptocurrency development to our technology stack to help our clients remain competitive and at the forefront of digital transformation,” he informs.

We offer a one-stop solution for banks and businesses of other domains to manage transactions with security, convenience & choice of payment network capability

He further adds, “Most of our clients have a specific problem they are trying to solve in their respective industries and hire us to assemble a combination of software and infrastructure services designed to make payments as simple as possible for their end-users and/ or customers. This means a fully configurable platform hosted in the cloud and complete with supporting compliance tools to meet industry standards such as PCI DSS.”

The Bright Side
What makes iJeeva a different player is its domain knowledge and speed of delivery. The company masters in rapid design and deployment of extendable infrastructure, owing to the founders' experience and the team's expertise. “This empowers our clients to validate their business ideas while remaining flexible to changing market conditions,” he remarks.

iJeeva caters its one-of-a-kind services to US-based parent companies to manage their US domestic portfolio. All the product and service offerings so far are marketed and distributed via Dinky Labs, LLC and Moola Pacific, Inc.

In the rewarding journey of 5 years, iJeeva has witnessed a steep growth graph. Today, it is positioned to deploy technology offerings into island communities, starting in Guam. It has also established a blockchain and cryptocurrency development unit as part of an initiative to become a market leader in the digital currency space.