NEXGEN CFO: Enabling Profitable Business Growth through Financial Governance

Mayuresh Deosthale, Founder

Mayuresh Deosthale, Founder

Capital in hand and borrowing power works are the two arms for any business. Cash flow is the life blood of any business; and for success, specific practices to track business financial health must be in place. Without these finance practices, a business can never know where it stands or how healthy or unhealthy it is and do course correction. Several changes occur as business grows. Each stage of business growth brings key changes in the finance focus.

“A strategic finance business partner to manage money side of your business while you focus on doing things that makes your business successful. An influencer who will empower you to make important business decisions with analysis and insights on key performance indicators/ metrics. A controller whom you can trust and rely to do treasury, tax and financial reporting, thereby ensuring zero compliance risks is the need of the hour for any thriving business,'affirms Mayuresh Deosthale, Founder, NEXGEN CFO.

NEXGEN CFO to the Rescue – Creating Strategic Business Impact
As a business’ CFO team, one of
NEXGEN’s roles is to keep the business in good financial health. This is not just about being profitable. It’s about having enough cash to pay the bills when they are due, improving the cash conversion cycle of the business and having financial resources to grow as fast as one can. Smart financial management, accurate and timely financial statements are critical for the success of any business, because quality of decisions you make is totally dependent on the quality of information a business relies on. NEXGEN CFO Team ensures that a business has access to quality financial and non-financial information that is needed to make well informed business decisions. “As our CFO office, NEXGEN has made significant business impact with automation of systems, faster cash conversion, timely compliances, robust financial controls and strategic business finance partnering”, states Pathik Divate, CEO, Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC), a leader in healthcare vertical.

NEXGEN CFO helps a business raise funds and will be the single point of contact for banking and investor relationships. It has expertise to drive the complete investment process right from deal origination, financial modelling, data room creation for due diligence, working with lawyers on term sheets and share holders agreement to fulfilling the pre and post disbursement conditions specified by the investor for the funding. Ganesh Iyer, CEO of DOTIN INC a funded SAAS AI start up in Silicon Valley states, “We are extremely happy with the offshore virtual CFO office set up and run by NEXGEN CFO for DOTIN Inc. They
have made a significant business impact with their CFO solution particularly in managing cash burn, tracking business finance metrics, board reporting and process automation.”

Deliverance through Expertise
NEXGEN CFO Virtual CFO office is delivered on the strength of NEXGEN FINANCE MATURITY MODEL (NFMM) - a unique, 3 dimensional framework built on 40 years of founding team's combined corporate finance experience, solving finance problems for businesses with varied size, scale, business development stage and ownership pattern.

Running successfully for 6 years across businesses in 7 industry verticals, NFMM is at the heart of every successful NEXGEN Virtual CFO office project driving value creation from a finance lens for the business. NFMM is deployed on a scalable automated cloud finance platform with necessary plug-ins to deliver virtual CFO office service to a business anywhere globally in an online/offline mode from NEXGEN CFO centre of excellence (COE) located in Pune, India. Expressing the impact that NEXGEN can have on a potential client’s business, Mayuresh concludes, “NEXGEN CFO team implements and adopt solutions to finance challenges faced by businesses on the ground. Our services are result oriented and not advisory in nature. NEXGENCFO is an activecontributing player on your business team, playing in the financial zone and not merely spectators/scorekeeper watching the game from the sidelines.”