Pentagraph: A True Visionary in the Indian Wealth Management Space

 Rahul Mone,    Chairman

Rahul Mone


Pentagraph is a pioneering business organization and India’s first Wealth Management & Financial Planning boutique, led by a group of experts with more than two to three decades of experience building success stories for clients across varied industries. Founded in 2009, Pentagraph aspires to be a change-bringer in the financial advisory market and develop into flag-bearers in the segment. With top-class advisory services for the HNI and Ultra-HNI clients, organizations & institutions, Pentagraph has been instrumental in building a sustainable elite lifestyle for their clients.

Over the years, the firm has become a catalyst for revolutionary changes in the Indian financial advisory industry. To cater to the varied requirements of their clients, the company has created a custom-curated diversified service portfolio that includes a) Wealth Management under which the firm offers wealth protection, wealth management, and wealth distribution services, b) Financial Planning which starts from cashflow to financial freedom and c) Financial health checkup services that identify the key parameters that influence their client’s current financial life. Pentagraph doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach and they first understand the requirements, and aspirations of their clients.

After which the firm offers bespoke services that offer the best results for each client. This customer centric business operations have helped Pentagraph to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market. The transparent business operations of Pentagraph have helped them to be a trustworthy partner for their clients and over the years the firm has created a loyal customer base that is built on trust and quality. Owing to all this, the firm has created a solid customer base in the highly competitive retail market as well. And the result oriented client-centric nature of their services is what helped Pentagraph to gain a proper foothold in the market.

Adding more about the uniqueness of their services, (keyperson name and designation) says, “The meaning of Pentagraph is create a large picture of their life. Understanding WHY of their financial life Thorough Knowledge of all the Products, Regular meetings with the clients and update regarding their investments and any changes in Policies, End to End Solution to Customers i.e. From Financial Planning to Succession Planning, Giving financial freedom to Clients. Apart from that, we have committed to never compromise on the quality of our services and that has helped us to offer the best solutions for our clients consistently”.

Pentagraph follows the 5Ps which stands for a) Passion the company push themselves to go beyond the obvious to add value to their clients, b) Philosophy they simplify finances, balance emotions during the highs and lows, maintain rationality and help their clients win, c)Process they have a structured approach which helps them to simplify a lot of complex things, d)Privacy the company value the confidentiality of their clients data, and have stringent user controls and a highly secure system,e) Peace even though managing their clients finance is what they do, ensuring their clients peace of mind is their larger goal. All this just goes to show how Pentagraph offer the best solutions to their clients without fail.

To evolve with the changing market conditions and to streamline their business operations, Pentagraph has built an impressive website, mobile app, and strong back office team. The firm also conducts regular monthly webinars with people related to clients’ investments like fund managers, and advocates, analysts. Apart from all this, all required reports are available at the click of the button for clients at their website in order to offer them a better holistic experience. Owing to all this, Pentagraph has been able to cement their legacy in the Indian financial advisory market growing from a 300 crore asset under management company to 600 crore asset under management within five years. And by 2024, the firm aspires to reach 1000 crore on their 15th anniversary.