Pi Square Investments: A Niche Asset Management Firm with a Decade of Experience

 Vishrut Pathak,     CEOH.L. Mencken once said, "It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human association together." For investment advisors, these words sound more relevant than ever before. Today, in an age where there is a lot more effort being put into choosing the right investment portfolio, people need trustworthy and safe hands for their financial decisions. Speaking of such reliable investment advisors, Pi Square Investments is a brand we can never miss. It is a decade-old boutique investment advisory firm with a focus on global and domestic equity markets. Pi Square has been able to capitalize on the market cycles by relying on its inhouse research team, which has built robust quantitative & fundamental models over the years. These models have enabled the company to optimize returns and provide the clients with prudent portfolio allocation.

Sharing about the pain points addressed by the company, Vishrut Pathak, CEO says, “In the financial advisory industry, most peers focus on wealth advisory or third-party products to diversify. MF advisors and brokers are focusing mostly on retail investors, while large family office firms focus on ultrarich families. There is a massive vacuum in the midsegment where
families are looking for guidance to diversify among various asset classes, ranging from private equity to listed equity to global investing to corporate bonds to tax-free instruments. Pi Square advises these families with a one to one approach for optimizing portfolio returns.”

Promising One-of-a-Kind Solutions
Pi Square currently has 3 major flagship offerings multi family office set up, India Equity, and Direct Equity Global Advisory. It was a pioneer in the Direct Equity Global Advisory services, with the first mover advantage. While the company helps mid size families achieve global diversification, it provides customized solutions for family office clients and ultra high net worth individuals based on the risk barometer. “NO single family will have a duplicate portfolio,” remarks Vishrut Pathak, CEO.

Pi Square is looking forward to adding a FinTech Robo advisory vertical to focus on a wider audience and expand its geographical reach

He further adds, “Most families have their investments all over the place (over diversification), which they rarely review periodically in terms of risk adjusted returns or tactical allocation. They feel that their returns have been subdued for the last decade, even after going through portfolio management advisory and/or MF route. We help investor maximize their risk adjusted returns through various Pi Square’s quant matrix. We actually believe in investing in the best players in each asset class and lower diversification. (Put most of your eggs in one basket and watch that basket very closely.)”

An Edge over the Market
Pi Square has developed an inhouse fundamental quant ranking for each asset class and each industry. “Our advisory relies very heavily on these indices while taking tactical or dynamic allocation decisions. We also use 3rd party research partners to track our investments in global and domestic markets. At Pi Square, we believe volatility is the best friend of an investor. We love buying the best quality companies/funds/AIFs during market corrections. Our strategy is simple rebalance portfolios once a year and increase allocation to higher yield assets at cheaper valuations,” signs off Vishrut.