Vee Bee Consultants: Assisting Businesses with Strategic, Customized, and Long-term Result-driven Virtual CFO Services

Vikas Bundela,Managing Director

Vikas Bundela

Managing Director

Every small and big corporate house is reliant on strategic and strong financial plans to upgrade businesses to the next level of excellence. More importantly, all size of business needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With the main objective to plan and help organizations with financial experts for all kinds of business, Vee Bee Consultants offers organized accounting, financial data, and information to help businesses with decision making. "

Vee Bee's primary objective is to make available the services of a CFO, for all sizes of business. Every Business Organisation irrespective of their size requires assistance from Financial Experts, for Accurate and Consistent Accounting, Financial planning, and Decision Making. A CFO can help management take timely decisions, that is exactly what Vee Bee would like to help clients with.

Vee Bee creates awareness amongst entrepreneurs who need Virtual CFO through internet channels, and networking channels to get their business more financially organized," says Prasanna Guna Ram, the Founder and Partner.

Any monetary data, reports, needs, can be just gotten with exact and steady bookkeeping. The as a matter of first importance thing Vee Bee does is to get the basics rights like bookkeeping, accounting, MIS, and investigation guaranteeing the actual base of bookkeeping is unblemished.
From that point, it gives redid MIS reports to improve any-body or a few parts of the administration, determine benefit, dissect avoidable expenses, and present suggestions. “We help in getting ready Financial Statements (FS) that have changed utilizations of various clients and a guarantee to set up a reasonable arrangement of Financial Statement rests with the administration.

It additionally mirrors the genuine strength of an organization and this assists the administration with investigating the spaces of progress alongside dynamic,” Prasanna adds. The firm likewise cares for Treasury Management. It assists the board with deliberately creating working capital cycle and money the executives with legitimate arranging, controlling assets, and working capital of an association to make the most ideal utilization of assets.

Armed with a team of in-depth expertise in finance, the company offers high-end financial services in the areas of financial functions, cash flow planning, cost management, accounting, and financial reporting, due diligence, and turnaround management. It works in 360-degree view with all its clients. Firstly, it understands the business operations, policies and principles, daily activities, objectives, hierarchy, trade practices, market conditions, and different other factors associated with its clients' business. Then Vee Bee assists them with tailor-made financial services which are different for every client enabling them to per-form better. This specialty helped them to serve in diverse industries such as manufacturing sectors, trading sectors, and professionals.

Vee Bee has helped one of its clients by reviewing their pricing and costing methods. It considered the fiercely competitive market prices after understanding each feature, uniqueness of products, and variants reviewed the pricing of each product. It classified their variable costs and fixed costs, analyzed the volumes they needed to achieve for their expected profitability, reviewed their earlier product profitability and associated costs, and gave them a new costing method, and revised the product prices. This gave the client new ways to interpret and analyze the pricing for their products with the current market scenarios.

While mentioning the USP of the company, Prasanna says, "Our virtual CFO Service comes in a package having a combination of the finance function, accounting and compliance services. We offer the same what a CFO, if appointed, in an organization could offer." With a dedication to continuing the same in the long run, Vee Bee would serve globally. It would also employ financial experts and professionals to operate as CFOs for a particular segment of business to keep the services more focused and aligned in segment patterns with more businesses emerging.

Quote: Our virtual CFO Service comes in a package having a combination of the finance function, accounting and compliance services. We offer the same what a CFO, if appointed, in an organization could offer.