White Rose Financial Advisors: A Unique Entity Stepping Up To Bridge The Gaps In Financial Advisory Domain

Priyal Shah,   Partner

Priyal Shah


H.L. Mencken’s words stand true to its meaning in today’s, especially, when it comes to managing finances, trust is one of the key factors in maintaining a successful relationship with any customer.

Finance is the life-blood on which a business thrives, and in today’s business world, lack of ample finances or not being able to manage your finances can have adverse effects on the operations of a business or an individual’s personal life.

While a business owner may don multiple hats in current era, in order to ensure consistent growth in the industry, a smart business owner should be equipped to know how to make their money work for them. While participating in numerous government initiatives along with smart investments, businesses as well as salaried Individuals can now multiply their financial resources it might be hard for some to decide when and where to invest, and this is where financial advisors come into play. Right from helping you with your personal finances to making the right investment choices, steering the portfolio in your journey of life, these consultants will assist you to improve your financial status by ensuring that your money is working for you thereby increasing your Net Worth.

Based out of Mumbai, White Rose Financial Advisors (WRFA) is one such financial advisor that is stepping up to help clients steer their way through such challenges. A client centric financial advisor, White Rose provides curated investment strategies which align with the life goals and risk appetite of the clients.A premier financialadvisoryconsultant, WRFA vests its focus on providing quality services to people with a very clear logic of advising what is correct for their financial growth.

With 'Plan(t)Your Aspirations’ being its tagline, White Rose is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to constantly working towards nurturing the financial aspirations of its clients. To add to it, the quality and transparency of their services have helped the company to develop into one of the most reputed names in the industry as it carves a niche for itself.

Thriving on its Unique Offerings
In today’s modern, cut-throat business environment where everyone is just focusing on how to increase their profit margins, White Rose Financial Advisors has one-upped their competition by offering ethical as well as effective advisory services to their customers.

Some of the major offerings of the firm include
Identifying the existing soils: Before planning any investment strategy for our clients, we first study the existing portfolio, policies, other investments held by them;
Sowing & setting it ready: Understanding the client’s preferences, current financial position risk appetite, their needs, before suggesting new opportunities is our base practice. After comprehending the information, we then provide a customised investment plan for them;
Nurturing the Investments: Once the investments are made, nurturing them from time to time by reviewing, rebalancing and restructuring as &when required, is of utmost importance in order to keep them aligned with the targets and performance as planned;
Reaping the Fruits: When it’s time to book profits and transfer the funds to new investment opportunities either to save taxes or utilize for the goals as planned, we redeem or restructure the funds as required.

Increasing the financial stability & growing the client’s Net Worth being the first and foremost goal of the White Rose Financial Advisors, the firm is all geared up to promptly address the demands of the customers. “Today, some of major challenges that our clients come to us includes misselling of financial products or no services/proper guidance received after the sale of such
financial products either from bankers or agents, online advisors, and more. This is one of the major stumbling blocks. Hence, we educate not only our clients but also cultivate the financial literacy at large through our seminars, webinars, events educating them about the importance of planning their finances, and guiding them with the investment opportunities available in the market,best suiting their requirements”, speaks Priyal Shah, Partner at WRFA.

It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human association together

Leveraging Technology to Deliver the Best
Today, with the world going digital and almost everything being available at few clicks, it is essential that the users are also upto date about advancements. As things go online and transparent, the clients are now able to check their portfolio values at their ease by just logging in or downloading the application on their mobile phone. “We serve our clients and send timely reports through a software that contains all the financial information of our clients including the financial instruments like mutual funds, shares, FDs, bonds, NCDs, AIF, PPF, NPS, etc, all details of their life as well as general insurance policies and other assets like gold, properties, loan details, etc. This enables the clients to glance through all their liabilities and assets at once and track their investments from time to time”, the Leader further adds.

While numerous players have stepped up in the financial advisory domain, what gives WRFA an edge over its other competitors is integrity and their approach, which is quite close to being altruistic as the portfolio curated is cherry picked solely for the benefit of their clients. To add to these, WRFA carries out Reviewing & Rebalancing of their clients’ portfolio from time to time. With its team of skilled professionals which includes industry rich professionals like Chartered Accountant, Certified Financial Planners, research analysts, mutual fund experts, NISM certified in equity & derivatives, insurance specialists, a Lawyer and so on, the firm has successfully set a benchmark in the financial advisory domain.

Stepping up to Assist NRIs
White Rose Financial Advisors had launched its NRI department after carrying out a lot of research for two years, so as to cater the NRIs. A lot of NRIs (Non Resident Indians) staying in various countries are interested in investing in India for different purposes like taking advantage of the growing Indian economy through stock markets/ mutual funds, investing in guaranteed products or bonds giving tax free income of 6-8 percent which is far better than the interest rates in their countries or even supporting their family in India.

“When we studied the sector, the statistics stated that inspite of willing to invest in India, they are looking for trustworthy companies in India who will manage their money and make good profits with complete transparency and tax planning. That’s exactly what our NRI department focuses on. Apart from a Chartered Accountant & a research analyst, we also have a FEMA expert leading the NRI department, whose expertise is into the international taxation as well as the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. This enables our clients to understand how they can plan their investments, the repatriation of funds through the NRO & NRE account, and their taxation in India as well as their respective country. At White Rose Financial Advisors, we offer an end to end solution, right from registration of basic documents like PAN Card, to opening a bank account, demat account for shares investments, managing their money, contemplating the tax planning and also filing the tax returns if required. We have a package solution for all the financial requirements of NRIs from anywhere in the world who would like to participate in the growing Indian Economy”, elaborates Priyal Shah.

Priyal Shah, the Founder Partner started her journey in taxation and investment advisory10 years ago. A Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner by qualification, Priyal got her firm listed amongst the top 10 in India at a young age of 30. Remarkable feat as it is, she is very self motivated and focused on her vision for White Rose Financial Advisors. Such milestones combined, makes her journey significantly inspiring.

She has been recognized as the Top 10 Women Financial Consultants in India, by the Women Entrepreneur Magazine in the Jan’21 edition. She has also been a member of the MDRTclub ever since WRFA was established. Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT)is a global, independent association of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 70nations and territories. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.

These are only a few of the plethora of awards & titles Priyal has earned in her short span of eccentric professional voyage.

Charting The Path Ahead
White Rose Financial Advisors has plans underway to inaugurate an office in Gujarat and an International Office Premises in the next 2-3 years. The vision is to reach a larger mass, to transform their personal life finances or business finances for the better.