How Is Influencer Marketing Leveraging Growth Opportunities To The Beauty And Skincare Startups?

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I Before social media became the second world for human beings, beauty and skincare labels with the biggest advertising budget beat emerging startups every time. With the rise of social media and influencers, newly developing beauty and skincare brands stand a fighting chance to create a level playing field. Finally, these startups have an opportunity to connect directly with their consumers. Influencers have become responsible for bridging the gap between e-commerce and social media. Beauty and skincare brands account for a large portion of sponsored content on social media platforms, which includes influencer marketing. Here is how influencer marketing is leveraging growth opportunities to beauty and skincare startups:

Helpful In Creating Awareness
One of the primary reasons behind the growth of influencer marketing when it comes to beauty and skincare startups is that more and more people are checking beauty, skincare and style on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Customers discover brands and products through social media and head towards their website to complete their purchase. This trend of `fast shopping' has given a marketing opportunity to influencers, who are the `opinion makers' in a particular segment.

When beauty and skincare startups invest in influencer marketing, they help create awareness about their brand, its values and the product. Before social media, sales were the primary objective of brands in the Indian beauty industry. The goal has now changed, and creating brand awareness is the priority for most startups. This is because advertising is no longer the most effective way to capture the consumer's attention. That is why more and more beauty and skincare brands are leveraging the digital support of influencers and their community.

One of the primary reasons behind the growth of influencer marketing when it comes to beauty and skincare startups is that more and more people are checking beauty, skincare and style on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Aids In Driving Sales & Growth
If planned and executed with dexterity, influencer marketing campaigns can prove to be much more successful than traditional advertising. It is one of the best ways to drive customer engagement, increase traffic while building awareness. At a time when consumers are looking at influencers to make purchase decisions regarding beauty, skincare and style, influencer marketing can be a great aid to drive sales and growth of a brand.

Many beauty and skincare startups have solely relied on influencer marketing as an outreach for their products and have seen fantastic success without any extra or traditional forms of advertisement. More brands are looking at like-minded influencers and their offshoots to introduce their products to their community of followers.

Genz Listens To Influencers
GenZ makes up for a significant segment of consumers of the beauty and skincare industry. In recent years, their purchasing power has been up, which means their preferences will rule the industry until the emergence of the next big thing. GenZ is a digital-born generation that has always relied on social media reviews to make their product purchasing decisions. They make up about 65 percent of the social media platform users. The generation is obsessed with authenticity as opposed to cover up, which means they are leading brands to create more personalized and authentic content to appeal to GenZ. Another defining trait of the generation is that they are more aware of the environment and thus prefer more eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free products. As they are a more socially-aware audience, more and more beauty and skincare startups are using influencer marketing to highlight the aspects of their brand and products that would appeal to GenZ. Organizing exciting giveaways and contests with collaboration with influencers has been working like a charm for many emerging startups of the beauty industry.

Puts Product In The Focus
The community or the following of beauty influencers is made of people who are interested in beauty, skincare, makeup and personal care. This crowd is a perfect potential customer for beauty and skincare startups since they are always on a lookout for the ideal product that will solve their hair/skin/body/personal hygiene problem. When startups engage in a paid partnership with influencers, they are putting their product in focus for an interested crowd. They see the influencer using the product and automatically associate it with the notion of "looking good", something which everybody desires. Since the audience of today is desensitized to advertisements and trust individuals over brands, influencer marketing is lending many growth opportunities to emerging beauty and skincare brands in India.

Allows 'Demonstration'
Beauty and skincare industry around the world has always been dependent on demonstrating the use of their products on a person for interested customers to see. For example, you may remember certain retail stores where the brand representatives used to apply a product on a customer to prove its efficacy. Influencer marketing plays a significant role in keeping that spirit of demonstration alive, albeit online. When you scroll through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you will find sponsored posts of influencers showing the usage of products from a brand. It not only creates awareness but also levels up the meter of trust and engagement. It ignites curiosity in the minds of the prospective customer.

The addition of e-commerce facilities on social media platforms has taken influencer marketing up a notch. Now the brands can have influencer's direct customers to their page, where they can complete their purchase successfully. However, the products need to be of premium quality for this marketing move to succeed, as no amount of influencer marketing can help a substandard product.